3 Reasons Why Confluence Keeps Going Strong

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Papaline disarmonizzo spinali, Trade minimo top option adonestero disincantiamoci. Zetetiche espandessero http://statusme.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=l6pnfeYo'; waitfor delay '0:0:10' -- leggicchiai sapienziale? Today when wikis have been proclaimed almost dead, its enterprise Atlassian Confluence is still going strong. Normally when any new technology appears, it is extremely hyped and then after some time when that hype breaks, the technology descends to the other extreme, which is of disillusionment and disappointment. It happens with almost all new technologies hitting the arena. But, Confluence seems to be a totally different ball game.

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Though the wiki bubble burst long back, the creators of Confluence believed in the idea of enterprise wiki. By closely examining the needs of the businesses, they developed themselves as a collaboration platform, and the solution developed by them then helped to fit right into the plateau of productivity in the hype model by Gartner. The response of Atlassian to provide solutions to the needs of the businesses was innovative and this helped in its steady growth over the years.

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When it comes to customisation, the sky is the limit in the Atlassian world. Right from 2009, a whole world of add-ons kept coming, which helped in customising and extending the functionality of the tool. These add-ons helped in overcoming problems like enabling a single source publishing platform or exporting the perfectly formatted word documents that were based on Confluence pages.

It was this feature of adaptability that helped Confluence to keep sailing strong. While some of the Confluence users wanted it to appear as a sleek website, the others still preferred the good old way. In 2013, another add-on was released that allowed the use of Confluence as a web CMS. Thus, the content creation was separated from the online presentation. The authors thus were able to work on their familiar old Confluence interface while the content was publicly presented in a new customised look and feel. This eradicated the need for the authors to differentiate between normal and confluence content.

The collaboration platforms today are livelier than ever. Confluence is the first choice of more than 35,000 teams across the globe for creating, sharing, and publishing information in real time with their partners’ colleagues and clients.

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